Artimaze - Let Me Down

Artimaze - Let Me Down
AWK001 ∙ May. 2021

Created in 2019, Akkros Records evolved during those past two years to deliver high quality energetic tracks.
With more than 50 releases so far, we decided to get even further in order to consequently improve and expand the Akkros brand !
We are proud to announce the creation of our new sublabel known as : Akkros Awakken !

We decided to give all upcoming artists an opportunity to rise and shine by our side with this brand new project. Awakken is dedicated to welcome and help fresh new talents to start their journey, find their own style, and support them to reach a larger audience with their music !

We value quality and freedom of creation, imagination is the key !
Our first release will come tomorrow, 11/05, produced by the upcoming talent from Indonesia, Artimaze !

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